This depends on your sexual practice and mucous membranes the thin sensitive skin inside your vagina. Experiencing discharge during early pregnancy or even discharge during late pregnancy? It might be ingrown hair or pimples which will disappear by themselves, but there are also glands in that area that can be infected or blocked and then swell. Douching is the practice of squirting water or fluids into the vagina in an attempt to rid unwanted odours, but the health implications could be very serious. Group B Strep Don't expect any outward signs of group B strep , a bacteria that lives in the intestines and vagina of 30 to 40 percent of American women. After sexual intercourse it is good to use simple water again and also helpful to wee to wash out germs that might otherwise cause infections in the uterine tract.
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What is abnormal vaginal discharge?

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7 vaginal conditions you should know about (which aren't STIs or STDs)

Moisturizing lotions and oils for dryness and lubrication , dilators which widen the vagina , and hormone therapy helps to bring balance to the vagina can all be used as treatment options. A vaginal exam to strip your membranes. Avoid the missionary position after month four, when the weight of her uterus could put pressure on major blood vessels women are advised not to sleep on their backs, as well, in the second half of pregnancy. While your partner knows her physical transformation is all for a good cause, that doesn't mean she won't be freaked out. Making your underwear feel damp then you need to get it checked out.
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But she may notice some pain if she has sex too soon after treatment. This natural cleansing process protects the vagina, and prevents infection— much the same way a kitchen sieve holds strawberries while a good rinsing flushes away harmful dirt, grit and anything else those berries might have been lying in as they grew. Litrel was a fantastic doctor. It means something that leaks out. If something interferes with the delicate balance of vaginal secretions, uncomfortable, painful and even serious infection may occur. Greenish discharge is a sign of infection in your vagina, just like green mucus is a sign of infection in your sinuses — your body is building up white blood cells to fight off an attacker, which give it a greenish tint.
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Talk about a pregnancy benefit. Some women report this scent as being like chlorine or bleach. The definitive guide by the world's top experts on how to beat heart disease Yes, you really CAN beat heart disease: Trichomoniasis is especially known for causing that fishy smell. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics for BV and STIs such as trich, and antifungal medication for a yeast infection. To soothe the problem, stick to loose cotton panties, and opt for a treatment that's less messy than a cream. Half of women would not seek help for persistent bloating and 15 per cent would not go to the doctor if they found a lump or growth in their vagina, the poll found.
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